The Red Knight


Fighter lv1
Small; Male; 3’1"; 35lbs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Str 14
Dex 19
Con 15
Int 15
Wis 13
Cha 8

HP 12
AC 19 (armor +4; dex +4; size +1); TOUCH 15; FLAT-FOOTED 15
SPEED 20ft

Fort +4
Reflex +4
Will +1

Base Attack Bonus +1
CMB +2
CMD +6

ᵂ Dire Flail
ᵂ Dagger (x2)
ᵂ Shortbow

AC items:
ᴬ Hide Armor

Skills: handle animal +2, intimidate +2, ride +10, stealth +6, survival +5
Feats: Exotic Weapon Prof. (Dire Flail), Two-Weapon Fighting
Special Abilities: n/a

Money: 36 gold
Exp: 1,550


Appearance: He is an incredibly short male individual with layers of armor and a full helm which conceals a face covered in bandages. He makes great effort to make sure no skin shows. All that is visible of his body is his yellow, red-speckled eyes.

Personality: He is very proud and straightforward, and as a result tries to be rather humorless, though this often results in the complete opposite. He goes out of the way to avoid his past, taking an ‘in-the-moment’ way of thinking, or plotting about future events. He thinks lowly of weak individuals who rely on society to protect them, and favors those who are personally strong or can lead. His focus is to build a reputation of fear and respect towards the “Red Knight.”

I wrote all of this other stuff to avoid writing about his past…

The Red Knight

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