Lonely Little Changeling


Molly is a little short for an average 18 year old girl. She appears primarily human, but her eyes, hair, and claws hint otherwise. Mollileen’s hair is very long, and rather thick, but is most notable for its hue: deep forest green. Her hair is rather messy and is constantly in her eyes. Her eyes do not match, one being violet while the other is red. Molly has claws that she tries to conceal within thick, large leather gloves, but the fingers end up rather shredded.


Mollileen was found on the doorstep of the Draiman family in Varisia when she was less than a year old. Ever the happy little girl, she lived peacefully with her parents, Samuel and Tabitha; and older sister Nanya. Despite her outward chipperness, Molly never really fit in with the other children, most found her ‘strange’ or ‘unsettling’, but her family loved her dearly. Nanya was especially taken with her little sister, and always looked out for the younger girl.

As Mollileen hit puberty, her family noticed a dramatic increase in the strange happenings around her. Her nails grew longer and became sharp, and a number of odd happenings (such as levitating items, loud noises, and strange creatures appearing)became common occurrences. Her step-parents were a bit shaken, but Nanya was ever at her side…until Molly turned 16. Until her real mother came calling for her.

A Green Hag with the powers of a Summoner descended on Molly’s home and attempted to reclaim the changeling. Her parents were terrified, but Nanya tried to save Molly…only to perish in the process. She bought enough time her family to escape, but the family didn’t remain together. Terrified of their foster daughter, (and by the prospect of her mother coming back) they abandoned Molly shortly after their escape.

Molly hasn’t come to terms with any of these events. She has wandered the wilder parts of the world with her “sister”, believing her Eidolon is actually Nanya herself. She has several delusions about her sister’s survival and her family’s departure…but these are fragile at best. Professor Lorrimor took her in to conduct research into the evil of Hags, but Molly didn’t stay overlong. Upon hearing of the kind man’s death, Molly returns to pay respect to one of the few people to take kindly to her.


Snickerdoodle, Celestial Dire Rat
Sonny Jim, Celestial Poison Frog
Click-Click, Celestial Fire Beetle
Strawberry, Celestial Pony
Mr. Vipers, Celestial Viper
Peeko, Celestial Eagle
Mr. Woofles, Celestial Wolf
Uncle Larry, Celestial Hyena
Bubbles, Small Water Elemental


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