The Haunting of Harrowstone

Mollileen: Oh Happy Day~

Dear diary,

Hello book, it is Molly again. The past few days have been the best few days ever. Ok ok, maaaaaybe not ever-ever, but at least the bestest since Nanya and I set out on our journey together. I met a whole bunch of people and they were nice and they like me and I think I might be getting friends! I am so so so excited.

It all started the other day. I was at the ‘Good-bye Party’ for Mister Lorrimor. I was so happy that I got to come so I could say goodbye, but Nanya didn’t come. Her name wasn’t on the invitation. Too bad. Anyway, it was really fun because I got to help carry the box that Mister Lorrimor was riding in. They let me help! It all was going great until some mad people with sticks came up to us. I’m used to having mad people with sticks come up to me, but I think they were being sort of rude to Mister Lorrimor. It was HIS party, after all. I think the little man (who I found out later was The Red Knight) thought the were rude too because he ran up and hit one really hard. I didn’t want to hurt them, so I thought they might go away if I made one little…but no, it didn’t work. So instead I asked Mister Snickerdoodle for help. He is my rat friend.I know he wasn’t invited to the party, but I think Mister Lorrimor was okay with him being a bouncer at his party. I hope so.

After the mean people left, we all got invited back to Miss Kendra’s house to read a will. I’m not sure what the will exactly meant, but I think I’m supposed to stay here with Miss Kendra for a while…I hope she doesn’t mind Nanya staying too. I got to meet all my new friends here! There was Mister Red Knight (He is reeally brave but kinda funny), Mister Sevda (who tries reeeally hard but seems to be flustered about everything), Mister Zaren (who is kinda grumpy but seems to be very kind underneath all the grump), and Mister Lectus (who is reeeally smart, but kinda quiet) and…oh! I almost forgot. There was also Mister Lectus’s hat, Mister Boris. I didn’t get to talk to Mister Boris much.

They all went out places while I read some books. The books were very interesting, but they had some not very nice pictures. Nanya came over and we played until my friends came back. After that we explored the town. I got to talk to some kids, and a old smithy lady and…I think that was all. We went to look at a big stature but the next day someone spilled blood all over it and didn’t even clean it up! Worse, everybody thinks that my friends did it! That isn’t very nice. Where would they even get the blood? No no no, if they spilled it, I know they would have cleaned up after themselves. We decided to go to a prison tomorrow, but first Mister Red Knight and Mister Lectus are gonna do some grave robbing. I kinda wanna go too, but I’d probably get in the way. Instead, I think I’ll try to cheer up Mister Sevda, since he seems to be having a bad day.

With Love and hugs!


So for some reason I ended up reading this entirely in the voice of the kid from Samurai 7. XD

Mollileen: Oh Happy Day~

I can totally read it in that voice XD

Mollileen: Oh Happy Day~

XD NOW I can…

Mollileen: Oh Happy Day~

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