The Haunting of Harrowstone

The Red Knight: An injury -- Regret

How could I be so stupid!?

I’ve been training in this armor for ages and I still got injured in the face – - infuriating! He’s seen my face. Sevda Holy-man.

The Chieftain said anyone who saw my face had to die.

WHY!? Whywhywhywhywhy!!? Why him? Why now? I’d sooner lose an arm! He’s my ally! He’s /\/\/\/~~~— he’s one I could trust. I can’t kill him. I couldn’t kill any of them. Molli, Zaren, Nanya I almost killed Lectus the witch-man, but that was some spekter trick. Maybe /\/\/~~- maybe /\/\~~———

Maybe the chieftain doesn’t need to know.

What kind of warrior can’t KILL AS ORDERED!?

What kind of knight kills his allies? -——-

What would a city-kind do? What would the Shepherd do?

The Red Knight crumples up this note, spits on it, and throws it in a nearby body of water. The Shaman will not get a note today. _

Memento Mori

“He dies, you know.”
“In that song you’re always singing. She kills him. To keep him from wandering away from her, since he said she couldn’t go along.”
“You’re joking.”
“Hand on heart. ‘She kissed the breath straight from my chest’?”
“My mother sang that song to me in my cradle!”
“…you know, that’s the first time you’ve ever mentioned a mother.”
“Or an anything. Way you talk, a man would think you sprang fully formed from the dirt of the Mana Wastes.”
“…it’s not…”
“Not what?”
“Not important.”
“Hey! Damn it…just when I’d actually gotten you to smile. Ach. Forget it.”
“Don’t worry, I don’t think Aja’s the type to kill you. She’d just follow you.”
“What? I—that’s not—I don’t—”
“Say that in front of her and I’ll murder you.”
“Like you could.”
“Oh, shut up.”

Zaren: Pry

I have known them several days. That is all. I’ve spoken more this week than I have in years. It was simple in Daggermark. Get odd jobs. Pay for my room. Pay for a drink. Pay for another. No more interaction than a few sentences at a time. If that.

The holy man is asking questions. What happened to you? What’s the matter? You shouldn’t drink so much. Who do you think you are, my m He had the barkeep cut me off. Just when I was starting to feel normal again, too. This gods-damned place with its gods-damned prison fire; it’s going to make me sick one of these days, and what’s he going to have to say about that?

Probably fuss some more. He made me take a bath. And he followed me in there, too. Just what did you think you’d see? I’m HUMAN, just like you. Almost hit him, all his talking at me. Gave me a headache. Oh, no you don’t, holy man. I learn from my mistakes. At least I’m not the only one. He gave the ragged boy a bath in the morning—or tried. Kid ran off with my towel—I hadn’t bothered putting on clothes yet. Can’t say I saw that coming. Holy man’s got some kind of compulsion to fuss over people.

Damn it, stop talking
You are not
I will not

And then I tried to kill him.

Not on purpose.

For the first time in my life, I’m glad I missed.

The sister didn’t. Almost would have killed the claw-girl. Enchantment. Saw skeletons instead of each other. You can all go to hell; I’m leaving this damn town; I STILL FUCKING TASTE FIRE

Kept going. Tried to keep ahead of the others. The sister wouldn’t cooperate. Wanted to go first. Wanted the knight with her instead of me. Understandable. Still stung.

I wish I could go back to that moment when it was just me and a holy man skeleton. No others to worry about get in the way. No anything. Just the gunfire, and death facing me down. Isn’t it time yet?

Stay away from me, holy man. I’m never the one who dies.

My head hurts.

The Red Knight: A Prayer

To Our Avenger,

May your body stay as sharpest stone
May your soul shine as a sparkling jewel
For the sake of Our tribe

Your arms shall move great things
Your legs will hold against strongest winds
Your heart will still beat

Your thoughts will flow like a river
Your heart will crackle like fire
Your mind will be clear as glass

May no beast break your tough stone
May no specter shatter your shiny jewel
For the sake of Our tribe

The Spirits bring luck
The One brings victory
May you avenge Our Shepherd

--Your Shaman——
Sevda: A Moment

*A/N: From now on I am only going to be writing what will be considered an excerpt from Sevda’s journal because man am I so done with writing up a report of each of his sessions.

Today was simultaneously unsettling and wonderful at the same time. We had to ward off far too many zombies for my tastes, but that is slowly becoming just another turn of events here in Ravengro. I will have to get used to it and take joy in the small things. Like one of the rooms we found in the prison. It was small and dark and covered in spiderwebs. They were thin, crystal-like things, complicated and massed. Some fresh, some ragged and old. Lectus refused to enter. Perhaps a past phobia which doesn’t entirely make sense since he carries a spider on his head every day. Either way the rest of us entered. At first the lovely little things dropped down to greet us. No one is really very fond of them so they all attacked. The spiders retreated to the ceiling to drop down on us and attack. Little Boris went with them. Such a trooper and such a strong spider. Anyway. I got dropped on. It nearly caused my heart to skip a beat. Even though it bit me I had a moment to pet it’s prickly spinneret. This happened I believe two more times. After words, after the party (including Boris but minus Lectus) had finished with the spiders, Boris dropped down onto my head! I thought I might die of happiness. He is so much cuter than the other spiders that were in the room and I very much enjoyed giving him little scritches. I hope he chooses to ride with me again very soon.

Lēctus: The High Priestess

Okay. Just when you think this place can’t get any worse, it finds new ways to torture you. maybe it’s just me But why did it have to be spiders? seriously The prison could be crawling with any manner of unpleasant underwood creature, but no. It had to be spiders. dammit I already have one after my head, and Boris doesn’t need any help.

Backing up again. I do that too much whatever We were still in the prison, after the furnace came alive and tried to cremate us all. Needless to say we all survived, otherwise there really wouldn’t be any more words in this stupid informative journal. No casualties yet. Great luck, right? How long do you think it’s gonna last? Any guesses? I’m asking questions to no one again Well anyway, if you guessed anywhere from a couple hours and on you’d be wrong. There was a lot of deaths today. No one I knew no one I cared about but there was deaths none the less. is that a spoiler?

Anyway that furnace. yay tangents Nanya pulled out some charred bones, and I recalled something I’d heard in the tavern. One of the prisoners Benjen Ereska is it bad luck to write the dead’s names down? was executed by tossing him into the furnace. Well. Legend confirmed. I also remembered reading about how to deal with something like this in one of my mother’s a book once. I mean, at the time I really didn’t take it seriously, but hey. Glad I read it now. You have to cool the bones so they are no longer warm to the touch Chill Touch spell works then you must bury the remains Got it? Good.

Except not. Because we really didn’t have anything to bury it with. So we decided send the Red Knight what is your gods damned name?? to go procure a shovel. I sent Boris with, just in case he makes any trouble. The little girl wanted to go into town as well… No reason not to let her go, I guess. except there totally was That left me with Zere Zeran and Sevda. Which normally there wouldn’t be a problem accept there was and, I mean, it wasn’t anything big or anything awkward as sin. So I decided to leave them to, uh, talk, and I just went to examen the ruins once more. You know, see if I missed anything. Didn’t. How could I have? Nothing new to note.

But then I felt something. A nice spike of genuine concern and dread filled me. Well. That was great. Because I wasn’t feeling it. It was Boris. And with Boris was only the Red Knight and Molli….

We ran.

So that mention of death earlier. We ran into some dead. And some walking dead. It was great. No. No it was not. We helped out Zolkan, since he was taking people into the tavern to keep them safe he didn’t do that great of a job, but hey. Anyway, once we took care of all the visible threat and since the town was dead silent, it was easy we went to the graveyard Red Knight to get a shovel, and Molli to… huh, I don’t know because there were tracks of the dead leading to it. duh. dead bodies. graveyard. simple connection We took a spin around and…

And I am constantly reminded that I hate this place. Hate it. Don’t say I’m over reacting. Don’t. You’d understand if this crap was happening to you. No, you’d probably leave the damn town. Make the smart choice. There was this gravestone… And it had my name on it.

Yup. There it is again. My damn name, in this town. Why is it always Son of a I hate I’ll just write down what it said on it.

Lēctus Lockwood
“Come to my world, and be as I;
as I am now, soon you will be;
embrace your end and witness me”
-Died 4661AR


As I recall the year 4661 is the year the prison burnt down. No one else saw my name. Of course. It was too worn for anyone to read. So. Problem #32 I have with the prison. Not that it’s substancial.

This lovely moment of terror was interrupted by more walking dead. They were resilient, but we put them back down. Red Knight, Molli and Nanya joined us mid way through. With shovels And afterwords we buried the bones from the Prison. Because apparently Sevda didn’t drop them when we ran to meet them. Weird. I would have left them there. Success.

Crotchety Chins Vashien, the councilman told us that there was going to be a town meeting the next day. And we were told our presence was required. Joy. I’m going to get burned at the stake. I know it. So that’ll be fun. Bet we’ll hold hands and pray, or something. Ha. Hahaha.

We all decided to head back to the prison after that. Whoo hoo Zaren had a problem with some haunted handcuffs. Shocked him. Said he heard crying. Hey, guess I’m not the only one this town is picking on. The next room proved… painful. Zaren also didn’t handle this well… every time fire comes up actually This was the room where they branded the prisoners with numbers and letters and whatever. So. Guess what happened to fly at us. At me and Molli. Yeah. Yeah. Have I mention that I hate this place yet?

So now I have an L burned into my shoulder. always with the god damn name. Sevda wrapped mine and Molli’s wounds. He is going to wear himself thin

And then there were spiders.

I quit.

Mollileen: Lots of things happen!

Dear Diary…

Molly here. Today was pretty busy and I am kinda tired. And kinda nervous. And…I’m not sure if my friends are happy with me anymore. I think they might be tired of me…and that they might like my sister more than me now… T.T

It all started after the mean mean fire ghosty was dead. Nanya took out its bony insides and we decided to bury them. The only problem was we didn’t have a shovel. Everybody talked about what to do while I road around on Strawberry for a bit. But I did get an idea while a’riding! I decided to follow Mr. Red Knight back to town. They decided that him and Mr. Boris-hat should go get a shovel so I came with to see if I could fix the Knocky-knock in the kitchen. We had just got back to town when I heard people screaming. I didn’t know why cuz I hadn’t even done anything bad…but it turns out that some dead people were making other dead people. Me and Mr. Knight tried to stop them but it was real hard. The Jolly Man from the restaurant came to help too and then everyone else showed up. We killed the dead but I think everybody was kinda mad that Nanya wasn’t around to help. They seemed angry that I sent her away so I called her again. After that I went to the Lorrimor house and shoved Mr. Vipers down the drain (I sent Nanya away again but don’t tell anyone. I brought her back before anyone noticed) and he found a ring. It was sure pretty. I gave it to Mr. Red Knight and I think he thought it was pretty too.

We they walked to meet everybody at the graveyard. It was so peaceful. We strolled on by, admiring the scenery. I even picked a few flowers on the way! I was really happy. Finally, Mr. Boris-Hat ran off and we chased him to the graveyard. Everyone was happy to see the Mr. Red Knight and Nanya, but I’m not sure they were too excited about me; just Nanya and Mr. Knight. They killed more dead people then we went to town and got invited to a town meeting. Sounds kinda boring, but I pretended to be excited so the Fat Man wouldn’t feel bad.

We went back to the prison and explored more. We found ghosty-handcuffs and I Stingy-Splashed them. I want to show the others I can help too so they will like me too. They we found a room that Mr. Zuren didn’t like and I got hit in the leg by an iron-thingy. It burned the letter ‘I’ into me. Mr. Lectus got hit too. Poor him, he seems so dainty. Then we found some mean spiders. Mr. Boris-hat and Nanya fought the best. Nanya again…she will be their favorite soon. I don’t want them to forget me…

with hopes and fears~

Zaren: Ghosts

I dreamed of you last night, singing that song.

There was a maid with flame-red hair
And skin as pale as ivory…

You were dancing on a cliff, and I tried to tell you to stop, you’d fall, but you just laughed and said I worried too much.

She bade me sit down beside her
And tell her of my stories…

Then your flesh began to melt, and you looked at me with sad eyes before you dissolved into a pool of blood. The last thing you said was, “Ren.”

She took my hand, she led me in
She brought me bread and wine
She made me a pillow of bearskin
‘No more will you need to be wandering’

I cannot blame the dream on this place, much as I would like to.

The last thing you really said was a wordless scream, cursing your killer. Did you curse me, too? I failed you.

There was a maid with flame-red hair
There was a maid with flame-red hair
There was a maid with flame-red hair

It is fortunate that we needed to go back to get supplies during our exploration of the prison. The town was attacked. We saved some. Not all. What does it matter to you? You’ll be lucky to save anyone

Adventure is my food and air
And always must I be wandering

More dead walking in the graveyard. The ragged boy said there was no magic involved. What is this place?

A ribbon served as her favor
I shared her bed of aspen
As I drifted off, I heard her whisper
‘No more shall you go a’wandering’

Returned to the prison. More terrible things. The smell of blood and bone and fire surrounds us. The holy man is asking questions. Stop it stop it stop it, it’s no affair of yours

There was a room…there was sobbing, and there were chains around my wrists. It was cold.

She held me close within her nest
She sang me a song of lovers
She kissed the breath straight from my chest
No more will I go a’ wandering

Once, I thought I saw you around a corner. Ghosts. It was just my imagination.

I’m so sorry.

There was a maid with flame-red hair.

Nanya: Uneasy

Molly is doing it again. She is not having me around when she needs me. Only I can protect her, so why does she “forget” me?

Last night the priest spent his time taking care of and cleaning Molly. I am grateful for this. I believe I was right to trust Molly with him. The only questionable thing he did was to have bathed her (something she desperately needed) but being a priest, I assume he is the most appropriate one of her friends to do this. I believe he is chaste. He also scolded Molly for acting foolish…fighting in a towel indeed.

I missed protecting her against a zombie. She needs to stop forgetting me in case these things come up. Argh. I told several of her friends to remind her to call me the next day. I was surprised that it was the younger boy who did it. Maybe he isn’t so bad…need to watch him closer. I might just approve of him yet.

We went to the prison (Molly refused to let them go without her). I hate this place. So many dangers. Many of which I cannot fight. Some strange ghosts were annoying but not lethal (although I would set fire to the Cold One if I could. It hurt too many of us). I was able to protect not just Molly, but everyone rather well from some flying skulls. I was satisfied…until the furnace. I believe I was licked by a furnace. I never understood the metaphor about flames ‘licking’ what they are burning. I understand now. I was almost sent Away but Molly gave her strength to protect me. I feel useless and ashamed. Am I doing more harm than good?

Sevda: A Rebirth

These past couple of days have most certainly not been good ones and I have a sinking suspicion that they will only get worse from here on out. The Whispering Way (as I am assuming they are the ones behind these foul deeds) have either most certainly become aware of our presence and purpose here or they merely wish to bring harm to Miss Kendra. While I was weary of her before, I’m finding it progressively more difficult to believe my past beliefs. I will most certainly keep an eye on her, but now I’m more concerned for her mental health than whatever else had been on my mind previously.

I suppose I should discuss where the shift began. The majority of our group went out during the evening (I have a strong feeling I know exactly where they are going but I do not have the desire to look in to it. I’d rather avoid scolding them for the night.) I stayed back with Molli. She really is a lovely and charming girl. However, she was very dirty. I had done my best to ignore it the previous days but tonight it was not possible. I started with her hair. It was a…difficult task to say the least. However, I prevailed and combed out the mess that she said hadn’t been touched in two years. Two. Years. She said she didn’t want to undo her momma’s wonderful work. I’ll have to convince her that taking care of herself would be something that her momma would want.

I also managed to give her a bath. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to get Miss Kendra to bathe her until I got to her more…private bits, however I did my best not to pay too much attention to her physical state. I did not wish to make her uncomfortable. However, I did notice that she had the most striking eyes I believe I have ever seen in my life. Beautiful. I may have to mention them later. She seems rather sensitive about it judging by the fact that she always has her hair in her eyes. She shouldn’t be ashamed of such beauty, unfortunately I know that others do not share my sentiment. Anyway, the bath was interrupted by a knock at the door.

I went to check who it was, there was no response. My blood ran cold. It did not bode well nor would it ever. I prepared myself for an inevitable battle and opened the door. It was Mr. Lorrimor raised from the dead. These people have some nerve, disgracing the Goddesses name for such unholy reasons. I had no choice but to fight him. I did not do well in this battle. I was concerned too greatly for Molli and Ms. Kendra’s well-being. Molly was fighting in a towel and Ms. Kendra was so shocked that she collapsed on the floor. Thankfully I convinced her to get away from the fight. I knew her seeing her late father in such a light was no good for her. Well, Molli and I took care of the thing (not before Molli took some extensive damage). I healed her wounds and proceeded to build a pyre for the once again corpse. I made sure it was rather thoroughly burned.

Note to self: Make sure any one person who dies has their body properly cremated.

The rest of the party returned from their venture with plenty of items. Lectus provided me with many of such things. I have in my possession two haunt siphons (which will prove helpful in the future), various scrolls (Hide from undead, protect from evil), and a few different kinds of arrows (6 silver, 5 ghost touch, 2 bane undead). The next day I went to procure a longbow thanks to the generosity of Molli. I also went to visit the Unfurling Scroll once more and was granted the opportunity to rent out the schools resources for ten gold a day. Which I would be more than happy to pay, unfortunately I am out of funds. Lectus says he will help me with that. I feel I may be growing too much of a debt. I need to work on my spending habits once more.

I spent a little time there and learned nothing of use, however I was given the opportunity to speak to Mr. Ghoroven about the night before. We were bombarded by a series of strange tapping and banging noises that seemed to be originating from the sink. Zaren went to investigate but found absolutely nothing. I fear Ms. Kendra’s home is haunted. I may have to attempt to bless the place upon our return to her home. We also all had the most unsettling dream, and all of us had the same one. The dream of Ravengro burning. The dream Mr. Ghoroven’s pupil spoke to me about. Whatever fate has been laid out for this town, we are now a part of it. I am determined to not let such a fate happen to these people, as unfriendly as most of them are. Mr. Ghoroven was clearly skeptical, but I did nothing but tell him the truth. I told him a bit about the Whispering Way. He seems contemplative over it all. Maybe he’ll find something that I missed. I’ll have to check back in with him once we return from the prison.

There was another incident with the statue. A second letter has appeared (and it seems no one has gotten to cleaning away the first). VE are now the letters that are displayed. I have the sinking suspicion that they are going to spell out the name of the old Warden’s wife. It makes me think of the eerie song the children had been singing. Which leads me to another bit of information. Lectus seems immensely shaken. He keeps singing the song to himself. I found him covered in blood early in the morning. I don’t know what happened, but I helped him clean himself. I fear that this song might be a very vital clue into figuring out what is going on in this town.

I made notes on the layout of the prison on my map. I do not like this place. The Red Knight and a summon of Molli’s investigated what was likely the Warden’s old house. They found nothing, just that it had already been raided and picked over. It seems as if we weren’t the only ones interested in the contents of this home. It could have been anyone really, but I have doubts about some of the townsfolk wanting to come here. They refuse to even speak of the place. Such superstitious people would not like to come to a place like this. Would they? I cannot rule it out just yet. The Red Knight sustained a little damage before we continued on our journey.

After investigating the perimeter of the prison we decided to go inside. We chose to go through a door and were immediately bombarded by screaming souls, burning alive. I could smell them, feel the ghost of such heat as they passed over my skin. Even one as used to death as I found myself wanting to relieve my stomach of their contents. But I could not do this here. There were spirits suffering and they need to be put to rest. We found room upon room of files. I wanted to spend time with them but the rest of the group thought it prudent we move on. I will have to come back. These files may help us to understand more of the inmates and why they would cause such an uprising. I am particularly interested in learning more about our specifically mentioned killers and their role in whatever game this is.

We also found a room free of an evil aura with a safe. None of us could open it, but I made note of the room for future use. We will need a place to rest if we cannot get out of the prison or are bombarded by something particularly horrific than none of us would be prepared to handle. The only thing farther in was a bathroom. We turned back to find that doors we were recently unable to pass through were open once more. The next room we investigated was clearly once a room where the inmates likely watched performances of a kind. It was here that an awful chill spread through my entire body. It was as if the cold pierced through my very bones. I couldn’t handle the pain that came with it.

Turns out it was only a cold spot. I made note to avoid it again on the way back unless we can find a way to dispell it. I would prefer that, but I cannot think of any such way at the moment. We moved on to find the room where the water outside had breached. It was here where the uprising likely began. I want to investigate further however it is submerged in water and I am not a terribly good swimmer, nor would I like to take a dip into such foul water. We didn’t have to wait long to be attacked once more, this time by things we could fight against. I wasn’t fairing too well. Zaren came to my aid. I am grateful for him. He is a good man, I can tell. He may not show it and he may cringe away from us, but I know a good heart when I see one. Nanya, Molli’s summon (and sister?) also aided in dispersing the foul things.

We continued our adventure only to find another and much more terrifying monster than the ones before. A mere furnace sprang to life. A vicious, fiery tongue lashed out at us, bringing with it the wretched scent of burning flesh. Zaren seemed particularly shaken by such a thing. I fear it may have triggered a rather graphic memory for him. I worry for his mental safety in this place. I will have to make sure he is alright when we have a moments reprieve. Most attacks seemed rather useless against the thing, thankfully channeling energy helped to destroy it. I do not like that most of our weapons will do no good against most of these things. I may have to try my hand at blessing weapons for the sake of our party being more evenly matched for these things.

I do not like this place, not one bit, yet I can’t seem to just turn my back on it. Nor the people I am with. They’re curious, the entire lot of them, but I wish to learn more and become better acquainted with them. Perhaps I should spend more time with the townfolk as well, assure them that I am not as bad a person as they believe me to be.


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