The Haunting of Harrowstone

Lēctus: The Empress

Okay. I admit. I didn’t see that coming.

Bet you’re looking at the dates on the journal page. Bet you’re noticing how I haven’t written anything in a while.

Well there was a reason for that. Was. Key word. Meaning the reason does exist anymore, thus the writing. More on that later.

I stopped writing because-

Wait, let me back up. I had changed my journal to fit the style of Lorimor’s. Detailing the subject matter of this haunting. Except to, you know, include HELPFUL details. Any details really. So if anyone was to stumble upon it after my unfortunate, yet inevitable, end they wouldn’t be at the vast disadvantage I we were. So that after we pass the next stupid fools heroes could know exactly what they were getting into.

Things were looking pretty damn bleak. From Litches and fire, to Haunts and horrors… Well, it looked pretty damn grim. We’d only taken out one of the five main bastards badies spirits… (the ones from that childrens’ song, if we’re using our cognitive ability.) and we hadn’t been doing well. At all. It was looking like this journal was going to serve a real purpose. You know, since we were all going to die.

Then we learned more from Vesserina however you spell her name, Splatter douche never finished writing it that the worst ass hole spirit wasn’t just going to take the Prison. He was more ambitious than that. He was going to take the town. Probably more. Fuck all, right? So there wasn’t much of a point in keeping a journal for the future heroes if everyone and everything was fucked doomed.

Wait a second. Shit. This is why I shouldn’t have stopped writing as I went. I haven’t said who Vesserina was is was. Whatever. She was the warden’s wife. And also a lingering spirit protecting the prison. A helpful zombie undead spirit person. She seemed nice. I bet the guards didn’t have a problem following her. Anyway, she told us a lot about the happenings of the prison. Like how the Whispering Way came in and stole her husband’s soul through some sort of horrible ritual.

Minor foot note really. I’m sure that’ll never come up again. The Way isn’t my our problem. Right? Anyway, where the hell was I?

Right. We were all going to die, so what was the point of detailing everything in here? Oh. Because maybe this could be a novel of triumph instead of a dead man’s advice.

Did it hit you yet? Have you realized why I’m writing in here again? You’d have to be dumber than the Red Knight to not have gotten it by now

We did it. We took on and beat all five.
Holy shit.

Like actually holy shit. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Everyone survived. Everyone. No one died. Except Nanya, but she comes back so that hardly counts We all. We did it.

It was hard as fuck beating your head against a wall trying to make a tunnel to the other side, but we managed some how. Things had seemed pretty hopeless. I’d lost faith several times over but… well. Here we are. And thank each god in existance for that, because I really don’t know how my companions would have handled anything less than a flawless victory. I don’t think any of them could have handled a death. Like I could? Yeah, right. Sevda especially. Zaren definitely couldn’t. Mollileen. She… Despite the victory I am still worried about her.

She… she’s eighteen. I thought she was thirteen. Tops. But something happened and… is was like she was a completely different person. Older. Wiser. More jaded. Perhaps bitter. Someone who had been around the block a couple times. The dark roads. Honestly I was more than a little shocked, considering how she normally acts. But… I think… something tells me that’s how she should be. Kind of. Like these are two extremes of the same person, not the happy middle she’s suppose to be. I don’t know. But I want her to… I think she’s…

She isn’t okay. But she doesn’t want to show that. And… I don’t know how to convince her that it’s okay to not be okay. Hell, none of use were okay. Are okay. Even though we’ve won, it’s pretty clear that we all have issues. Except for the Red Knight apparently. But that’s probably for the better. We need someone who still has a positive outlook on life. Fucked up issues a therapist would love to get their hands on.

Anyway I- wait Shit. I wasn’t using this as a personal shit That was a lot of personal information. None of that needed to be in here. Fuck, I don’t want to tear the pages out and rewrite this shit. Fuck it

Mission complete. Prison no longer haunted. Town saved. and the world will never know Now we just have to baby sit Kendra and return some books. Easy. I’ll probably give details of the books in the next entry. It’s getting late and I’m finding it difficult to keep writing. Especially since I keep rambling about things that don’t Right.

One more thing of note. Even though I really don’t want anything to do with the Way, but it seems that they’re… up to some bad shit. They are trying to release The Whispering Tyrant. That doesn’t sound good. I need to look up the name Tar Bapfon I can’t remember where I found that, but it’s the Tyrant’s name

Anyway. That’s all. I think.

We’re alive

Zaren: Save

This is not what I expected to be writing.

I didn’t expect to be writing at all. It was going to happen again; I knew it was, and the only thing I could do to help— Told him to take care of the rest of them once I was gone. Should have told him to take care of himself. He didn’t like it. Said it mattered to him whether I was dead or not. Even I don’t give a shit about that; what gives you the right to make that face

Earthquakes yesterday morning. Cracks in the ground. Decided situation was getting too serious to wait. Went back to the prison to fight the remaining two haunts. Upstairs to find Father Charlatan. Wasn’t there. Down to the torture room to look for the Splatter Man.

The Maiden opened. Kendra Lorrimor was inside. Sev Holy man Sevda Holy man Sevda took off towards it. Grabbed for him. Missed. Ms. Lorrimor disappeared. Just an illusion; no need to add her to your toll

It closed on him.

Tore it open.

He fell out.

Dead. Gone.

Couldn’t get him to open his eyes. Full of holes, no breath, no heartbeat, no warmth, just gone like the rest

But he was alive. Somehow. Somewhere.

I didn’t know what the others were doing. I had to get him back. I should have gotten there first; it should have been me in that thing. Failed again.

Heal. Heal. Heal. Heal. Heal. Potion. Didn’t think I was doing much of anything, but somewhere in the middle of that, he started to move again. Thank gods.

And he woke. Still full of holes. Couldn’t fix that. But alive. Himself. Don’t you ever do that again, you stupid fucking crazy bastard; I thought


Said he’d fought Father Charlatan. Had beaten him by himself. And you thought you could protect him? What exactly were you going to do, idiot?

Went back to town. He needed to rest. Wanted me to stay until he fell asleep. Sang to him. I haven’t sung to anyone since that day. He seemed to like it. Needed a drink after that. More like twelve. Woke up in the entryway with him poking at me. Thoroughly embarrassing conversation.

Went back to the prison. Found Splatter Man. He’d become part of the room somehow. Started spelling shit. Shot the wall. At least that seemed to do something. Then the room collapsed on us. Ghost appeared. Fuck ghosts. I hope I never see another one.

Kept moving around. Got off a few decent shots on it after Sevda Holy man Sevda made it partially solid. It dove down into the water. Mollileen Claw girl’s summon dove after it. Whatever happened down there, it hurt her. Bad. I think Mollileen took the hits for her. Went under twice. Ragged boy kept her alive, thank all the gods; could you all please STOP TRYING TO GET YOURSELVES KILLED

Splatter Man came back up. Kept trying to go for Sevda. Swooped in behind him. Reached for him. I couldn’t let him I couldn’t let any of them Not if I could Swung him behind me. Took the hit instead. It was all I could do.

We put him down. Went back to Vesorina. She was able to purify the prison.

It was over.

And we were all still standing.

Got called to the town square the next morning. Celebration. They’d pooled together what looked like all the gold they had to give to us. Gave mine to Sevda. If it had been left to me, we all would have been dead. I did fuck all in that prison, and they still stood up there smiling at me like I was a hero instead of a fucking fraud with a gun Kids were imitating us. One of them had an empty bottle. Son of a bitch. What a shining good example I am.

Moving on to Lepistadt to deliver the books and find someone to cure Sevda’s curse. He doesn’t say anything, but I can tell it bothers him. Ms. Lorrimor is going to accompany us, which will make it easy to look after her for a month. Hopefully, we won’t get involved in anything else dangerous until the month is up and it’s time to leave.

Maybe the curse is over. Maybe I could really stay with them. Maybe

No. It’s not worth the risk, you selfish bastard. Don’t press your luck. You all made it through this. After the month you promised, you’re going back to Daggermark, and they’ll be safe from you. You had a week where someone cared whether you were alive. It’s enough.

It’s enough.

Mollileen: Waivering

Dear Diary~ (Why am I bothering with this?)

After all that fire we went to see the happy Mr. Tavern Man and get some happy alchyhol. (It doesn’t help. Nothing Helps.) All the friends were drinking. I was sharing with Mr. Lectus but then Mr. Zaren left. I went to check on him but it turns out that he had a bad case of the sads. (So it isn’t just me…) He went to talk to Mr. Sevda after drying all those tears.

Soon we all went to play at the prison again. I had the keys so I put them in all the locks. All of them! They only worked in a few though, but I got some new clothes because of it! (Simple pleasure are all that is left.) It was neat! Then we found the sad sad angry Mr. Mosswater Hammerman. He was…terrifying. His sorrow…matched mine. I couldn’t stand it…I fled. When I could flee no more, I sat and contemplated my own helplessness. Alone. Always and forever Alo… until my friends came! They came for Molly! It warmed me with all the warmth that my heart needed. They came for me!

I put the key in some more locks then we found the prison play-room. It didn’t seem to be a very fun room, as all the toys were kinda broken and red-stained. It looked like Mr. Warden was the last to use the room and it seems like he didn’t clean up after himself. I can forgive him because he had more keys! These keys led us to the magics that would help us fight the ghosties.

We got these thingers:
a Mr. Lopper-Axe, for Mr. the Red Knight
a Book of Professor Splatterman, for Mr. Lectus
a bunch of Necklaces of Mr-Father Charlatan, for Mr. Sevda
a Mossywater Hammer, for Mr. Zaren
and a flutey-flute for Me!

If you find a spooky old flute, you can’t help but blow it! Turns out I’m a great flutey-flute player. I put my blood sweat and tears into my performance…but not on purpose. (I couldn’t stop the music, nor the blood. They had to protect me again…I can never save myself, nor anyone else)

We went upstairs and looked around. We found a bathroom. I thought this could come in handy but… I saw her. She was there. Mother. Mother had finally come for me once more. She stood over the mangled body of Nanya, but not just my lost sister. Other helf-eaten bodies were at her feet….a priest, a gunman, a small knight, and my Lectus. She had taken everything from me…she would keep taking until I finally went with her. Until I finally became her…

It wasn’t real. She was not here…I was still safe, but I was badly shaken. We moved from that tainted room, only to be accosted by the Piper of Illmarsh. He frightened my friends, scattering us across the prison. This time, I would be the one to protect them. No more helplessness. I played the accursed flute and drove the fiend away. I was so terrified, yet exhilarated. Zaren tore the flute from my grasp. Saved again, but this time I saved him first. Fair trade.

We were left in no condition to do battle, so we retreated home (or what we currently count as home). I was joined in bed with Lectus, one of the greatest pleasures I take in this place. He drives the infernal loneliness away. I was finally able to relax and drift off to…

In the morning I felt all good and shiny again. I gave Mr. Lectus a big big hug and called Nanya out. I was so so happy to see her! Today we go back to the prison to show the ghosties ‘what for’. I look ever so forward to it!

Everything is gonna be alright. Everyone is okay. Everyone will always be okay. We will always be together. Always. Please.


Sevda: A Terror

Part of me is uncertain how much longer I am going to be able to handle this town, that prison. Each night holds little rest for we are all plagued by nightmares. Detached though they are from most of our histories and view points Save for Zaren. I worry for him I cannot help but feel that these dreams are becoming more and more real as the day of our reckoning draws ever closer. The townsfolk have decided that we are, in fact, worth their time. While this is a very nice change of pace, it also makes getting our job done a little more difficult. They scurry around beneath our feet under the guise of assistance but for what? Most would perish had they experienced what we had. There is strength among them and for this I am grateful, however, I do not wish for them to accompany us in any way. I cannot protect all of them from fears and monsters that would certainly kill them.

While Death is not something we should fear, I do not wish to send any of these people off to the Goddess any earlier than I must. I haven’t felt quite this way in some time. Not since before I found my place amongst those of the Order of Pharasma. I was witness to the comings and going of life, each at a moments notice. Enough so that I have seen the beauty in a birth but also in the passing of one’s life. To be returned to Her embrace is as much of a gift as venturing out of it yet I find myself more and more concerned as the days go on. Could I truly bring myself to bury these people? I haven’t known them longer than a single cycle of the moon and yet I find myself shedding tears over them already. What am I to do? We court death at nearly every waking moment, dancing with it to the point where I myself have nearly looked it in the eyes, and yet I do not wish for it to take me.

Or them him. I do not believe that this death is what She would want. Not like this. These souls trapped where they are, brought there by untimely demise after untimely demise. They want nothing more than to bring those who still have the vitality they lack into their womb of terror and rot. I, for one, will not be claimed by them. Nor will I allow my allies to be claimed by them. I have made a promise and I will do my damnedest to keep my word. If the five of us living means he will be able to see through his haze of grief and anguish… Failure is not an option here.

There was a time when I would have just…left. The people here cared not for us and the only solace I found was the little moments that I was able to grow closer to these people. All of them have more to them than they let on and there is that part of me, that unyielding need, that does not wish to stop until I am certain I know who and what they are. I cannot. It is not my place. Or so I would like to tell myself. What is this place doing to me? I want to be able to take these people I have come to see as friends away from all of this. I want to show them that there is far more to life than the pain and suffering they have all seemed to have endured. I want to take them away from here, away from this life that has done little past spitting in their eye.

But can I? Would I even be able to do so? Is it within my ability to fix what has been broken? Should I even be given the chance? Oh but I want it. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. To lose him them here would mean to lose more than I could possibly bear. How would I be able to face my Goddess then? Having failed not only my own mission but being unable to defend the sanctity of Her domain? We have done well so far, but we have also tasted death. The unruly Father and our likely largest foe, the Splatter Man have yet to be met. I fear what may come when we do.

The Red Knight: Defeated Spekters -- Progress!

To Our Great Persevering Shaman

I have not kept you updated on my progress – sorry. Be at ease – I am still alive, and making great progress! Of the spekters of this Harrowstone prison, there are five that lead them in their vile acts. So far we have defeated three of them – glorious! The first of these – Lopper – was most threatening. He had stuck me out of consciousness at least twice – the fight felt as if it had lasted for days. But we came out on top! I was almost bled dry – your prayer must have kept my body strong. That and the help of my friends /\/\/\^^^— The next was Marauder – ominous, yet easy. We made quick work of him. Then there was Piper – fear incarnate. I do not know what he did that wracked the soul so, but our compatriot Mollileen made quick work of him using an enchanted musical instrument.

Reminds me! Apparently there are good spekters – like the Spirits? This one was thee wife of the lord Warden of Harrowstone. She told us of these great foul spekters and the urgency of defeating them quick. She told us of tools to fight them, and we found them! The dreaded pipe the girl used that caused her to bleed with each note. I had also received an axe associated with the Lopper. lop lop lop lop lop lop lop lop There was a hammer for the marauder. Holy Sevda found a token with many icons, one of which was of the One! I must look into this. There was also a book of spells. Perhaps our witch Lectus can use these to counterspell the dreaded Man of Splatter.

Yes! I have been reading books, just like the Shaman! I am reading one on the works of magic in war, and had read one about historic city-kind battles. It also mentioned the Oshashek Ra! I must know these things if I am to be a general. I had even come close to leading an army. The citizens of the town wanted to band with us in the conquest of Harrowstone, but my allies advised against it – fearful of their demise. One of them wore a bucket on their head, painted red – Honored! This was likely because I had helped saved the town hall from burning down with my allies! We are heroes! They are great friends/\^^^— allies. I will keep you updated on future events!


[The Red Knight folds up this letter and sends it off, then pulls out another parchment and begins scribbling]

So many other things have happened that are great! I can’t tell the shaman about them though – making friends is trivial to him. But this is so great I have to write it down. But this is stupid because no one is reading this so what’s the point of writing it? I just want to write and save it! Stupid! My allies are so good at fighting – stalwart. They all had saved me from death in the battle against Lopper. Simply fighting alongside them does not seem like recompense enough for their charity… They are all so fearless – not like the other city-kind. It is clear that gunslinger Zaren is afraid of fire – saddening. But that does little to slow him down in his efforts! He is also afraid of holy Sevda I think – he made him cry somehow. Good monster Molly and witch Lectus could not figure it out either, so perhaps I am not lost simply because I am not city-kind. Sevda… Whilst in the upper floor of the Harrowstone, I had gazed upon an illusion that winded my soul – the Shepherd, dying, looking at me… with shame and regret. That and the Piper’s madness drove me to flee like a coward – Regrettable! Sevda and I hid in the Safe Room, and after it was said and done, we drank ourselves to sleep with Zaren. Sevda… he is unusual. The others all seem more unlike city-kind than him, but he is the anomaly to me. How he trusts, and talks. He knows what I am, and is unaffected. He has been the only one to touch my real skin in months… That is a stupid thought – why did I write that? I… I am not a monster to him. To any of them. I am the Knight of Red. A brother in arms. A friend?

Can this actually work. Can someone of my kind be treated as city-kind? What about the rest of my kind, who don’t parade in armor and speak Common clearly. Am I the exception? Are my friends the exception to city-kind with their forgiveness?

Memento Mori

“…so that’s it, huh? That’s why you’re on your own.”
“It wasn’t your fault, you know.”
“I should have been there.”
“What could you have done? You were ten years old.”
“I don’t know. Died with the rest of them, if I couldn’t do anything else.”
“Listen, Ren. I don’t mean any insensitivity by this, but: oh, for fuck’s sake.”
“At least that gave you an actual expression, instead of that wretched hollow-eyed look. Do you really think your parents and sister and everyone would have WANTED you to die with them? I don’t think so.”
“You don’t—”
“I’ve been protecting Kaoris since I was six gods-damned years old. Don’t you dare tell me I don’t understand what family means.”
“Your family would want you to be happy. And…we’re not them, and I’m not saying that, but…just don’t take everything on by yourself, all right?”
“You don’t have to be alone anymore. You’ve got all of us. We make a good team, don’t we?”
“You’re right. We do.”
“I’m always right. Don’t forget it.”
“I’ll keep it in mind.”

Zaren: Haunt

More talking, more fretting, more damned coaxing. Made him cry. Why can’t you just leave me be?

Went back to the prison. Fought another one of the major ghosts, the Marauder. It was going better this time. Except for the room on fire. And it wasn’t the prison this time; it was Variko, and the dead were No one else saw the fire, but the others who walked in saw other things. I don’t know what. I’m guessing this place is trying to find a way to get to us as if you need to try; you think that’s the first time I’ve had that dream? The others managed to shake it off. Mo The claw-girl didn’t react well to whatever it was. Never seen her so serious. Not at all like her normal self.

Found the warden’s keys and what remained of him and the artifacts that belonged to the ghosts. We each took one. I got the Marauder’s hammer, although I don’t see the point in keeping it now that he’s bound for a little while longer. Claw-girl had the flute, started playing it for some mad reason. Didn’t go well for her. Bleeding from the fucking eyes Gods Could we all not commit suicide, please? Although it’s looking better all the time Still too much of a coward, though

Found the Piper’s ghost. He scared the others. Holy man and knight took off running. Claw-girl played that damn flute till the ghost was gone. Good thing some of them attacked before they took off, or we would have Had to rip the thing out of her hands before it killed her Her sister wasn’t there to protect her and I can do FUCK ALL against these damned things

Found holy man and knight hiding in the safe room. Holy man wouldn’t even move until I pulled him up. Went back to town. Straight to the tavern. Holy man and knight came with. Claw-girl and ragged boy stuck together. None of us wanted to be alone.

More dreams when I fell asleep. Hasn’t been this bad since [illegible] in years. The drinks aren’t even doing much to keep them away anymore. So now what, genius? It’s this place. This place and these people. Once I get away from them here, it’ll go back to normal. Which is pathetic as hell, but hey. I’ll get back to Daggermark, and the curse won’t hit them, and no one will ask any questions or want anything or be in any danger.

Can no one fucking die before then? Is that too much to ask?

Of course it is.

Holy man fell asleep on my shoulder. Think I said things in my sleep. Don’t remember what, but he looked even more concerned when we woke up. Great. But it was sort of nice to not sleep alone. Just this once.

Cannot fucking believe I wrote that.

Are you trying to get cursed too, holy man? Is that it? Listen to me when I try to warn you.

Three haunts down. Two to go.


Mollileen: Lopped the loppy ol' Mr. Lopper

Dear diary,

It is so hard to write down all the happenings when all the happenings keep happening one right after the other! So much to do, so much to do. I hope I can remember all the things.

First off you should know that my big sister Nanya is really really strong. Super-duper strong. So when we came to a portcull…portkul…port…gate-thingy she was the one to try to open it. But even with all her strongs, and help from all her friends, she still couldn’t budge it. Instead we decided to go in a more ‘other way’ direction.

Over there we found a Fiery Headless McSkeleton. He was very surprising, he didn’t even smell like the burning Mr. Zombimor. He knocked Mr. Red Knight over, so I made his weapon all slippery. I was so so proud of me….then Nanya died.

I was careless. I could have saved her, but just like last time my inaction cost me her life. Why do I always allow these things to happen? When will I learn to hold onto that which matters? I am a fool. At least this Nanya will come back to me…I need only be patient. If I cannot even protect this Nanya, how can I ever hope to protect those who now stand with me?

Ahem, anyway we went into the next room and met Mr. Lopper. He seemed really nice and jolly until he started getting all loppy on everybody. Seriously, it was ‘lop lop lop’ all the time with that guy. He was kinda silly. Mr. Woofles and Uncle Larry held him off why I explored his house. His house (which was like a well) was full of things like keys and weapons and a skull. Mr. Zaren kept burning everybody with his gun for some reason and Mr. Red Knight fell down some more. Silly Mr. Red Knight, playing dead works on bears, not ghosts (especially not on Loppers).

After playing with Mr. Lopper we all went home to take a nap before the meeting. I wasn’t very sleepy (I wasn’t in the mood to be alone with my dreams, they surely would not let me rest peacefully after failing again. I just wanted to be near someone…someone who I could watch over) but I couldn’t pass over the opportunity to snuggle with Mr. Lectus. Soon, he suggested we go sleep with Mr. Sevda. Yay! Bonus snuggles! Mr. Sevda was very sad for some reason, so I hope our snuggles cheered him up a bit. Later, Mr. Sevda gave Mr. Lectus a bath…tee hee.

Then we followes Mr. Messenger to the town meeting. We met Mr. Red Knight there…I wonder where he got off to. Probably some super-secret-tentacle ritual thing. Or hunting for tentacle-food. Either way. We got to sit on the stage and talk about what to do about the ghosties. They all seemed to feel bad that Nanya couldn’t make it cuz she was dead. (They don’t understand, they could never understand. But maybe it is better that way) Then fire everywhere! It was super-duper surprising. I don’t think Mr. Zaren was feeling very good about it, he got really cranky. But I know he was just worried. He sure has a big heart. My friend Bubbles helped clear all that fire. Together with my friends, we took care of all the things. We make a good team!

We decided we better get back to the prison to beat up more ghosties. I wish Nanya could be here…she loves punching ghosties. I miss her…(a lot).

With (sorrow) and hope,

Zaren: Fault

Coming here was a mistake.

You think you can save them, idiot? THAT’D be something new.

We found something. Something bad. Or rather, it found us. Ghost of the Lopper. The others did better than I did against it. Shooting ghosts doesn’t work too well. Can’t seem to shoot straight at all lately, damn it. Going to need to stop off at the tavern and get refills. Lots of them. Not enough alcohol in the world for this shit; I didn’t sign up for THIS

Everyone kept bleeding all over the damn place. Knight went down a couple times. Holy man got him back up. Fortunately. Stopped holy man and ragged boy from bleeding to death. Had to singe them a bit to do it. Got thanked. Yeah, right, I’m a fucking savior. Then why can’t I

Got the keys. Still don’t know what good they’ll do us. Went back to town.


Town meeting.

Fire. All the people Burning skulls It was like being back Thought I was going to lose Had to stand in it, wait for it to gnaw down to my bones They yanked me out just leave me be

No one was killed. Se Holy man helped them.

It’s a blur. Just fire. Arm around me

They want to go back to the prison tonight.

shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

You are not going to get attached. Remember?

Mollileen: Love is in the air~

Dear diary,

I am the most excited of all the exciteds there are! So many good things are happening lately. It seems that Molli’s lucky stars are always shining! And guess what, guess what! There may be a romance starting in our little group! I’m blushing just writing about it, but more on that later…

The first thing that happened after we left the spider-room was we found a ghost-lady. Miss Ghost-lady was really friendly and helpful. She told us things about the bad ghosts and that we had to be careful about Mr. Splatterman. He is the baddest bad ghost in the prison. We promised to make all the bad ghosts go away.

Next we found the laundry room. I looked real hard, but I couldn’t find anything that looked like it would fit me. I wanted some new clothes…I think I have been in this same outfit for…ever. I didn’t find any I liked, but we found some that liked us; some ghost-clothes attacked! It gave Mr. Zaren a hug. After we got it off him, I tried to show my concern but he cringed when I put my hand on him. He did put his hand on my shoulder though…maybe he really does like me! I gave him a big hug for that…then I saw that Mr. Lectus wanted a hug too! He just must have been shy before! They all do like me! \^.^/

Then we found a scary ghost that made things fly. This fight was kinda crazy, people got scared and ran…like poor Mr. Zaren. I followed him and tried to help him be brave. The ghosty chased us an made all sorts of thing fly…like Mr. Red Knight. He was actually pretty graceful in the air. After we beat the ghosty we all went back to town. I went looking for Miss. Kendra to see if she knew about the ring I found in her sink. She was at the tavern were Mr. Zaren and Mr. Sevda were drinking and having a heart-to-heart talk. And…guess what! They were holding hands! It was so cute! Mr. Sevda and Mr. Zaren? Oh me, oh my! Oo la la! I told you a romance was forming! This was the second most exciting thing today!

Miss. Kendra, Mr. Lectus, and I went to give her Grandmama back her ring. If I was dead, and had a ring this important, I would want it back too. This should make the Knocky-knock stop. Back at the house, Mr. Red Knight (who it turns out may have a tail in addition to his tentacles. Sevda knows,but was so startled by the truth that he dare not speak of it) told me a secret. He said that, while my bed may be a monster, it is like me: a good monster! It seems it was just lonely. I’m sorry I ever doubted Mr. Bed. It seems like Mr. Lectus is scared of his bed (like I used to be) so I invited him to stay with me. Besides, if Mr. Bed is lonely, now there will be two of us! You could never tell by looking at him, but Mr. Lectus is reeeeeally snuggly. And warm. It was the best sleep ever. Best thing that happened! I told Mr. Lectus (after he fell outta bed) that I would take care of him…I don’t really know how, but I knew to start by brushing his hair. If I learned one thing from Mr. Sevda it is that brushing is the start of taking care.

Suddenly everyone was naked. Well, not everyone. I wasn’t naked, and Mr. Red Knight kept his tentacles hidden. Mr. Sevda wasn’t really naked either, but he was trying to get Mr. Zaren to bathe. Mr. Zaren was very naked…and Mr. Sevda was around him…and I just knew they were falling for each other. So so so cute! I was asked to help get Mr. Lectus into the bath and then he was naked…until he stole Mr. Zaren’s towel and ran away. This morning was fun…but kinda…naughty.

When everybody was done being naked we all went to the prison again. When we got there, suddenly I was alone and a skeleton attacked me! I must have passed out but when I woke up, everyone was acting strange and Mr. Sevda was writing in my blood…I really don’t mind. I dropped it, and you know what they say; Finders keepers. I don’t know why Nanya ran off, but she was awfully quiet when she came back. We went down a rope and did lots of fighting (mostly Nanya, but I tried). I can’t wait until we get back to Miss Kendra’s house…maybe I’ll get to sleep next to somebody again!

With glee and a little blush,


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