The Haunting of Harrowstone

Zaren: Resolve

We found the creature that’s been committing all the crimes. It looks like Ich the beast. Apparently it was V-what’s-his-name, one of the ones who owned the factory. He had skin suits so he could go around town.

Shot him three times in the throat. The others wanted to subdue him so we could bring him in for questioning, so I aimed for his knee. Almost killed him, I think. The sister took my gun away. Panicked. She’s right, you ARE a wreck. What if you’d hit one of them? The holy man took it from her. Got him to give it back to me. He asked me to ease off on the drinking. Why do you give a shit, anyway? He wanted to investigate the factory. Didn’t want to let him go alone.

He called me “hon.” And “darling.” What the hell? Why doesn’t he take his good mood out on someone else? And you didn’t entirely mind

Found creatures. They put him to sleep. Shot them. Another one put me to sleep. When I woke up, Sev holy man had it in a bag. Said he wanted it as a pet. Damn thing’s gonna be the death of him. Tried to tell him to put it back, but he gave me a sad look. Like he was going to cry or some shit. Gods damn, it’s just a construct. It’s not even a real animal.

We found the things that the dead man needed to stay sentient. Brought them back to him. Said I was sorry for killing his friend. Uncomfortable.

Went back to the inn to get some rest. Woke up, in that half-stage between sleeping and waking, and there was someone next to me. And I thought it was Aja, thought the past four years had just been a bad dream, and I pulled her close because she was alive again. Opened my eyes and saw green hair. Almost flung myself into the wall. Who the hell just slips into someone else’s bed without them knowing about it? You didn’t have to scream at her. She didn’t know. Didn’t know what you’d remember, didn’t know you’d started missing having someone next to you. Your dreams are getting mixed up now.

Gods forgive me, some days I can’t remember what color her eyes were. I’m losing her all over again, and

It doesn’t matter. She’s gone, and soon he will be too.

We went to the courthouse, kept people from getting inside and attacking the beast. They made a half-assed attempt, but it wasn’t too hard to shoo them off.

The trial ends today.

And so does this.

I’m leaving.



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