The Haunting of Harrowstone

Zaren: Resign

They’re all still alive. Somehow.

Ran from the elemental. Found a goblin. He had a Whispering Way medallion. By the time we looked out the tower again, the elemental was gone. Still had to deal with the golem-dog.

Looked around the tower. It was a pretty nice house, kept up and everything. Still, nobody seemed to live there. Not your concern. Didn’t find much out of the ordinary. Don’t know why we’re still here. I think our lunch invitation’s expired, and I don’t much care to run around on the say-so of some shifty judge. My armor got rusted off. Annoying.

Found a bridge. Ragged boy started across it, since he can fly and it didn’t seem too stable. He got halfway across and something appeared. Don’t know what it was, but Se the holy man was scared. Said it was evil. Said we shouldn’t fight it. We turned and ran again.

Got back into the hall and it was waiting for us. Damn thing could teleport.

We fought it. Knight went down. I touched him and he stopped bleeding. At least that damned bloodline of mine does SOME good. And I…

I shot off light. Like the holy man does. Don’t know how. Heritage again? It didn’t seem to like that. Could only do it that once. Doubt I could manage it again.

They survived, though. They survived. This time.

Went back to rest. Holy man and I ended up in the same room. Had a talk. He…he’d figured it out. What I am. A disgrace to your kind, that’s what. Some lucky charm you are. He said…he liked having me around. That everyone goes back to his goddess when they die. It’s not neat, though, not peaceful; he may have seen people die, but he hasn’t seen them torn apart.

He promised he’d help keep everyone alive. And then you started babbling like an idiot.

He kissed me on the cheek. Almost returned it, except I knew that it wouldn’t have stopped there, not unless he stopped me.

I’d forgotten what


For the past two months, I’ve had companionship. People to count on. People who cared whether you were alive or dead. It’s more—much more—than I ever expected again. It was…nice.

Enough now.




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