The Haunting of Harrowstone

Zaren: Mire

Factory. Creatures turned out to be friendly. Good. Let us pass.

Went downstairs. Pool of water. Bodies in the water. Two of them weren’t exactly dead. Dead but moving. One of them almost got the holy man. Two shots for that one, right through the head, didn’t think, just snapped— For a moment, I could see them being torn apart again— I wasn’t helpless not this time


And the next?

Leave. this now

are you more afraid for yourself or for them

you have not been with them for too long leave now while it’s easier it will only be worse later

If there is a later

How long have I been traveling I’ve lost track of the days again


this wasn’t what was supposed to happen you weren’t supposed to like them you weren’t supposed to get attached

they all just

closed-off smartass kid wary of everyone keeps his distance does he remind you of what you were like?

bit of a goof but strong enough for all that just wants to be stronger to fight what? and keep himself a mystery

not quite right in the head something is definitely broken there but a sweet kid she called you big brother

and [scratched out so roughly a hole has been torn through the paper]

if you keep pushing him away he really is going to leave is that what you want I just want to go back to Daggermark in peace that’s all I just want a bullet in the brain but you can’t even be arsed to do that I just want out



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