The Haunting of Harrowstone

Zaren: Hold

We won the trial. Ichabod is safe.

And I’m still here.

I wasn’t supposed to be. I’m not supposed to be. This is a mistake.

I thought he was going to shout at me, but instead, he just…started crying. What was I supposed to do about that? I don’t know why it matters to him whether I go or stay. I don’t…could he…

You were going to protect them, remember?

He hugged me, after I promised to stay with them. It was


We headed off to meet Ichabod’s father. So far, the environment hasn’t been very hospitable.

Also, a bunch of tiny people are after the Knight for some reason. They think he’s an imposter or some shit. Who knows. One of them was apparently a decent fighter, but the other one was just stupid. We sent him off down the river. Probably won’t be seeing him again in a hurry.

What the fuck was I supposed to do? He was CRYING. I just wanted him to stop, not be upset anymore; I would have agreed to anything at that point

I’ll have to try renegotiating. It was stupid to make that promise. Should have explained. Should have gotten him to see.

I don’t think he’d change his mind even if he knew.

He said he’d always had good luck. He said that he’d balance me out. That he owed me-what the hell? That I had charm. That he was proud of me. And that he wanted me around.

I don’t know what’s going on yes you do but there’s got to be a way to get out of it.

What will you do if he dies?

What will you do if any of them die?

I can’t survive that again.

But I don’t want to leave, either.




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