The Haunting of Harrowstone

The Red Knight: My Army -- an Analysis

I believe the Shaman can wait on a letter. There are far too many ideas I need to sort out before I write another letter. Instead, I will analyze the members of my new emerging army, and the latest events.

Sevda: I would be a fool if I could lead myself to believe that I held this group together more than Sevda. That is why our tribe has both a Chieftain and a Shaman – one to lead, one to guide. On that note, he is like my Shaman away from home – is this why I write home less? He has a knack for setting me back on the right track when I get… in over my head. What I truly appreciate is his absence of hypocritical, holier-than-thou, city-kind benevolence – he is aware that the world is a dark place. However, he still keeps me in line when I act too… outside the confines of proper city-kind behavior. (we’ll go with that) He keeps me from being a monster. Sometimes… I need that. I can lose sight of my goal, but whether he agrees with it or not, he always sets me back on the right Path.

Lectus: For city-kind, he is unusual. I’ve made a point about this before, but he never ceases to surprise me. For a young kid, an urchin by the ranks of city-kind, he knows a lot – too much? If it weren’t for the incident with Sevda, I would’ve pegged him to be the first to figure out what I really am. (‘first’? have I been expecting them to find out about me this whole time? What about the fear of Chieftain struck into me about killing them? I have changed…) There are few whose judgment I’d trust more – intellectual and instinctual. He is no doubt a powerful asset to the Red Knight army – in intuition and in magic. Someday, I will learn how to set things on fire with my eyes – live up to Shoku’Ra’s name. And like hell will he ever leave my militia. I will fight him if it comes to that, and as I had proven once before, I would win.

Zaren: He is one of the finest warriors of my battalion! His skills with that gun of his are very impressive – he must teach me some day. His fear of fire is becoming more and more apparent. I would harp on him more about this – no weakness in my army! – but my particular… aversion… to horses… has shown itself more as of late. I suppose that’s what I appreciate about him – we have much in common. We both have our own fears, our own pasts, our own personal secrets about who we are. And neither of us go around asking info from others that we wouldn’t give away about ourselves. Live and let live. Though, I fear he may take this idea too far. I get the vibe that he doesn’t want to stick around with us – too bad! Only through exile or death does one leave the Red Knight’s army!

Molli: I think she is part monster. …that is a terrible way to begin this – hurtful, and obvious. I have been reading many informational books as of late, and saw a tale of the hags of the marshlands. They have long claws, green hair, red eyes, and dabble in the arcane. The image… it looked far more terrible than Molli, but the similarities were too obvious to pass over – perhaps cursed by a hag, or even half-hag? It should not matter, for she is the mascot of the Red Knight’s army, and a loyal friend. (too loyal perhaps – she believes everything I say) She drew an image of me the other day. I had tentacles, horns, fangs, and other amazing features. I fear to show her what I am more than ever now – not in fear of shock, but disappointment. I must admit, she wouldn’t bat an eye over what kind of a creature I really am – unlike city-kind.

Nanya: The Terror of the Red Knight Army! Also, a very much appreciated member of the team. Her less than constant presence in the group gives me a vibe of aloofness. However, I’m starting to figure her out. She is most likely not Molli’s birth sister, considering what Molli is (unless she’s some kind of transcendent, super-hag – terrifying) She is protective of Molli to a fault, but fortunately she has more than enough of the capacity to do so. She has grown to protecting the rest of us as well – likely an extension of protecting Molli. She… doesn’t think highly of me, but this is most likely because I have a habit of teaching Molli things, pulling pranks on her, and getting her in trouble. If Zaren decides to desert, I can likely count on Nanya to whip him back into shape. (Sevda too, but that’s a given)

The Beast: The dreaded Beast of Lepistadt, or Mr. Ichabod. I don’t know where to begin with it. I may have surprised my compatriots with my knowledge of what this thing is – or my reaction to it. A flesh golem was responsible for the slaughter of about half of my tribe. Only the intervention of one Mr. Lorrimor spared our tribe from annihilation, and pushed me to pursue my Path. Now, here I am, confronting another one of those walking death machines, and I have to protect it – the Path works in mysterious and circular ways. I wanted nothing to do with this beast, but Molli’s attachment to all things (sorta) living, and Sevda’s reminder of what my Path stood for, brought me to assist in this. As much as I hate to admit it, this thing is more like me than I would give credit for.

The Trial: City-kind never fail to shock me, but never fail to surprise me either. Sometimes, it’s as if they create rules to live by, only to defy and abuse them, and then use them as a shield to defend the atrocities they have committed. My kind are far more straightforward – you break a rule, you get punished. The fact that some city-kind devote their lives to fabricating more laws and ways to abuse them confuses me. They have a ‘court of law’ that they’re using to punish the Beast. Then they back it with those biased towards one side of the verdict, then they ignore facts about this creature’s innocence, and ultimately they will riot and kill the beast anyway. Why even have a court and an endless number of laws if you’ve already decided on how you’re going to react? These are the people who rule the world? The people whose ways I want to embrace?


A non-Zaren post! LET ME LOVE YOU!


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