The Haunting of Harrowstone

Sevda: A Passing

Mr. Lorrimor has returned to the Goddess’s embrace. He was what I’m sure some considered a good man. I didn’t know him very well, but I could say that I knew him better than some. I worked for him for some time. The experience was a rich one and I will be forever grateful for what he has helped me to accomplish. I intended to give him a proper and warm send off, but some…ruffians decided that it was not to be. The fools attacked us in the graveyard. Some men have absolutely no honor. They don’t believe in anything but themselves.

No honor and no shame, these men had the audacity to attempt to bring harm to those on Pharasma’s land. It was enough to make my blood boil. A strange, short man (creature. Certainly not human. May require further investigation) dressed in all red armor charged the villagers who dared assault those on a holy mission. His outrageous behavior was equally as unforgivable, however he did listen to me when I asked them all to not kill each other. Instead the group just proceeded to knock the hooligans out. A beautiful young lady whose name I later learned was Molliline (I believe I shall call her Molli) was able to summon creatures of the Celestial variety. It was interesting seeing a proper Dire Rat. She is charming. I believe I shall be rather fond of her. There was a man, tall and beautiful (probably one of the most beautiful men I have ever laid eyes on. Perhaps he isn’t human either.) who I learned was named Zaren. He seems to use a sort of firearm I don’t have much experience with. He is gifted and did well to not bring any lasting harm to the men that were attacking us. The final member of our fighting force had magical abilities. I do not wish to assume his alignments but I may inquire further if the situation proves itself necessary. Miss Kendra Lorrimor also did something I was not expecting. I do believe she has magical ability as well. I must inquire further. I did my best to participate as little as possible in the actual fighting, but I did have to knock a man out. He was insistant despite my pleas. There was nothing else I could do.

After the rabble rousers were taken care of we finished our procession and we laid Mr. Lorrimor to rest. We returned to the Lorrimor abode to have the will read. While we waited I spent that time connecting with my Goddess. After about an hour one of the councilmen from town came in to read it to us. He didn’t seem very pleased to be there. I get the feeling this town is going to be rather hostile and I don’t think I’ll like it very much. One should not treat strangers in such a way. It is rude and uncalled for. One cannot simply demand respect however, so I will do my best to earn that and their trust. No matter how frustrating it may get. We were also given his journal. It turns out that Mr. Lorrimor had been investigating a group called the Whispering Way and I am fairly certain that it was his investigations that led to his demise. His last entry involved him mentioning he was going to the prison. Later I learned he was crushed by a statue. I do not believe this was a coincidence. Something does not sit well with me.

Later note: This Whispering Way group must be dealt with in a timely fashion. Whatever it is they are planning I do not like that they do not respect the boundaries between life and death. No matter how frustrating this town gets I will not let these people go about their business raising the dead and causing havoc. My devotion to the Goddess will not allow it.

Mr. Lorrimor requested that we protect his daughter for a month before moving on to Leptistad to return the books that Mr. Lorrimor requested of us. I’m not entirely certain what the importance of these books are, but I am also not entirely fond of the idea of handing over such information to people I do not know. There is even one book that I haven’t been able to open. If only I had some skill in picking locks. Breaking it isn’t an option. If there is a lock on it, then it is likely this information is meant for the man it is intended for only. I mistrust it. Mr. Lorrimor, while an interesting man, never really did give me any reason to trust him. Even in death he has confirmed this for me. His entries and information are vague and generally unhelpful. They bring up more questions than they answer and it is frustrating. I cannot guarantee that I will stay the entire month as I do not really trust Ms. Kendra very much either, but I will stay until my duties are completed.

After a brief discussion with Kendra and taking a moment to explain to Lectus the importance of tact, we went out to explore the town as well as gather information from those that Ms. Kendra said were Mr. Lorrimor’s friends in life. I visited the town’s apothecary and met the woman Jominda Fallenbridge. She seemed like a pleasant woman. She was mourning over the loss of her friend, which was entirely understandable. She didn’t know too much though. It seems we aren’t the only ones that Mr.Lorrimor refused to share vital information with. I purchased two sunrods, three tindertwigs, a town map (so very helpful). Perhaps I should try to curb my spending a bit, as joyful as shopping is. I’m running low on funds and it doesn’t seem like there are many means to replenish them in this place other than wait for the promised 100 platinum. It makes me wonder how the man could afford to pay five separate people 100 platinum each. That is a thing to think about later.

We all ended up meeting at the tavern where Zaren was having a drink and what looked like steak. The man Zolkar Alkarid (who also knew Mr. Lorrimor) was the tavern keeper there and was a very cheerful man. Almost too cheerful. I ordered a snack myself (zombie fingers. They were sausages and rather tasty). Again he didn’t know much so we left. There were children playing rope and singing outside. We came back to speak with them later. They were a little more receptive than the rest of the town but not terribly so (their parents taught them well to obey them).

I also fisted the Unfurling Scroll that day (again we split, Lectus came with me. I was hesitant to bring him inside for the man beyond the locked door seemed to not wish to have too much company). He , while a bit bitter, was refreshing. I believe I will grow rather fond of this old teacher over time. I feel the most comfortable here so far. If he will allow it, I will continue to return here to shop and read. I am not very good with the arcane arts, however I purchased a scroll of Sanctuary from him. He informed me of the Whispering Way visiting him (although he didn’t know that was who they were). They seemed to be looking for something but they did not find it in his store. He said they headed South after that, towards the old prison no doubt.

Side note: The prison had a tragic history. Not long after it was in operation, it burned to the ground during an uprising among the inmates. All the guards, the Warden, his wife (why was she there?) and the prisoners all burned to death. It sounds like a breeding ground of unrestful spirits and I do not look forward to seeing what that foul organization has done to the place. It seems the song the children had been singing before was related to the more serious killers confined within the prison walls. Men that had unruly souls in life certainly will have them in death if they are trapped here. Encountering such things would be extremely unpleasant.

I visited the Church of Pharasma before returning to Ms. Kendra’s home. The Father there seems rather kind. An old man, but he seems devoted. He told me they have mass on Thursday evenings. I will have to attend. It will be good for my faith and hopefully will show the towns people that I am trustworthy. He knew a little more about Mr. Lorrimor but not nearly enough. Or at least none that he would reveal. Perhaps more time with him will help me. I returned to Ms. Kendra’s after for a night of rest.

The next morning was interesting. I was beginning to have a conversation about Ms. Kendra when I heard a rather loud thud from upstairs. I went to investigate only to find Zaren on the floor. It seems he fell asleep in a rather uncomfortable state (I get the feeling his drinking will be a recurring event). He nearly pulled his weapon on me when I tried to wake him. We spoke briefly and then went on our ways. I spoke with Lectus briefly as well, and The Red Knight (I would appreciate a real name but I will not press for it). We had breakfast with Kendra. I offered to help her make a shrine of her father to pray to. She said she would appreciate it but I could clearly see that she is not a believer. I cannot judge those for what they do and do not believe, it is not my place. However it did still irk me. Breakfast was interrupted by screaming.

We all went to investigate (save for Ms. Kendra. Also strange). It turns out the memorial statue for those unfortunate souls that perished in the prison fire had been defaced and the townsfolk believed we were the culprits. I didn’t learn much from the townsfolk (not that I am surprised. At all. To say that these people are difficult to work with would be a kindness). There was a large “V” scrawled onto the statue in blood. Which was also concerning.

Side note: “Splatters spell her name just right” The wife of the warden’s name was Vesorina. Coincidence? Perhaps but I find it difficult to believe right now.

We followed a blood trail to Mr. Gibb’s home but did not find any sign of entry. Whoever brought the blood either took it from there or is trying to frame him. We went to speak with him in the tavern and he was nearly as unreceptive as he was when we first met him. I do not like this man and I don’t think I ever will. I will spend as little time around him as I possibly can. He’s rude, but I suppose he is at least open about his dislike for us.

Side note: I was told that the men who attacked us were acting uncharacteristically. It’s quickly becoming clear that there are greater works at hand and I think the men may have been under some sort of mind control when they attacked us.

The town continued to be continually and completely frustrating. Not even going to the Church cleared my mind. I spoke with the Father again and ended up asking for permission to visit the mausoleum where Mr. Lorrimor said there were tools to deal with the prison. He refused. I’m finding it difficult to care enough to try at the moment. I did, however, get to speak with a refreshing young lady in the Unfurling Scroll. As I imagined, this place might be my safe haven in this hell hole of a town. I returned to Ms. Kendra’s abode momentarily in an attempt to get a moment’s reprieve. Zaren came up and offered me a drink. I spoke with him for a little while and he even laughed. Perhaps this stone man has more to him than meets the eye. Molli came up to see me as well. She was charming as ever and a joy to be around. She mentioned that those downstairs were plotting something that I best not be involved with and I believe her. I do not have the patience for this tonight anyway. Rest cannot come sooner.

Important side note: There is a creature that Molli can summon. Her name is Nanya (spelling?) and Molli claims that she is her sister. The creature is clearly not human and is most spectacular. Perhaps I will attempt to converse with the marvel in the future. All is not lost. THis adventure may provide me with some wonderful opportunities, as frustrating as it is.



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