The Haunting of Harrowstone

Mollileen: How do I book?

Dear Diary,

I forgot to do the writing time because I have just been so so so busy doing all the things that needed doing! So many things! I talked a lot and I snuggled a lot and I got to go courting! It was super-fun! It is amazing that only three days have passed!

Day first: Day of the Angry-Spikey-Swampmonster-
We became law-yers and in order to do our job law-ing, we went on a trip to Swampland. It wasn’t really called Swampland but it had a hard name and that was like three whole days ago…(Shh, here is a secret: Molly forgets things sometimes). In Swampland we met a Chief who was also Lec’s best friend. He told us all about a beast that might be Mr. Ichabod that went swimming with croco-gators. After we heard his tale we went to an island because reasons.

While on the island we found clues. We were having fun until Lec made and Angry-Spikey-Swampmonster mad. He really made Mr. ASS mad…Lec, why you do these things? Mr. ASS chased everybody then we all went home.

Day second: Day of the Scarecrow Traps-
We went courting the morning of the Scarecrow Trap day. We all talked a lot except for Mr. Zaren who just drank a lot. I tried to be super-cute because I don’t know how to sound super-smart. Cute is just as good right?

After this we talked to some ladies then rode horsies to Otherplace. Mr. Red Knight doesn’t like horsies very much. I’ll try to teach them that they are good monsters like my bed. While we where sneaky-peeking in peoples homes we saw ghosties. That wasn’t so bad, we used to see ghosties all the time. The super-duper scary part was the traps: they turn people into scarecrows! I don’t wanna be a scarecrow! I would be the worstest scarecrow ever…all the crows would come to see Molly and they wouldn’t be scared at all. I would do such a bad job scare-crowing that I’d probably get fired. And an out of work scarecrow is just too sad to think about.

Day of three: Day off Mr. Fakeibomb
We courted super-good (even Mr. Zaren said things good! Clap-clap-clap!) Then we visited a no-seeing man and I got a sip of Mr. Zaren’s special drink. It made my head go all funny, no wonder he is so cranky! I’d be cranky too if I drank headache potions all the time. It didn’t make me any sneakier either. Boo.

We went and visited a burned place. (I hugged Mr. Zaren. I tried to be subtle, but I know about his fire allergies so I was being sensitive. I’m a good person.) It was sort of boring but then Mr. Sevda and Lec said we had to investigate a factory. Kays.

Then Mr. Zaren and Mr. Sevda got all shouty. It was…kinda really very sad and I got a little scared. But it was okay, I snuggled with Mr. Red Knight to make it better. He always makes me feel better.

We sneakied around a bit then we went in and made friends with the cute workers. Then we went downstairs and made friends with the cute dead people…or at least the one that Mr. Zaren didn’t get all shooty on. Then we were attacked by Mr. Fakeibomb and his angry friend. Nanya tried to give the Angry-Ceiling-Enemy a hug to get him to stop being angry. It worked great, she even cuddled him after the fighting was over…is that the type of man she likes? Hmmm….

Mr. Fakeibomb looks a lot like Mr. Ichibod (probably why his name is Fakeibomb, that and he has Stingy-Splash spells in bomb form…ouch!) We arrested him because he was doing bad while dressing like Mr. Ichibod.

Then we went home (after taking our friends to the circus) and I snuggled with Mr. Zaren. He was really warm~ He is such an nice person, even if he doesn’t know how to not shout. There was supposed to be a party that night but the party-crashers never showed up. Mr. Zaren and Mr. Sevda even went outside to wait for them but they never came. Oh well, I was sleepy anyway.

Maybe Mr. Ichibod will be not so jailed tomorrow! If so, I want to go dancing with him. I bet he got the moves.

All for now~


“Fire allergies”? XD

Mollileen: How do I book?

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