The Haunting of Harrowstone

Lēctus: The Magician

Splatters spell her name just right. Spells it just right. Just fucking right.

I no longer like it here. Not that I had any particular affection for it before, but, um, no. I want out. Now. Why are we doing this again? It wasn’t even in the actual will. We don’t have to do this. Except, yeah, yeah we do. God dammit.

If it was anyone else asking me to stay I would laugh. Right in their face. Lorrimor is one lucky man. Dead man. Maybe not that lucky. Hm.

Right. From where we left off. The Red Knight and I were sneaking into the mausoleum to acquire things to use against ghosts. Looking back, this was a really really good idea Things were going smoothly, I was quiet as a shadow on the wall and Boris… well even I couldn’t see him. The Red Knight on the other hand noisy bastard could have put forth a better effort.

Upon entering the crypt I noticed Lorrimor’s well, I’m assuming they’re his foot steps, and decided to follow those. there was another door, but it led to the same room. It was around then that I realized we were being tailed. Shock and alarm melted into relief as it was… crap uh Zere, Zereh Zeran. Right. Zeran was following us. Guess he was interested in what might be hiding there as well. Not opposed to the extra help. Not that it was needed or anything

There was only one resting place in there, and it was on a raised alter. Hm. Bingo. In it we found and took 12 silver arrows helpful? 4 sun rods thankgodlight 6 flasks of holy water get the feeling that’ll be useful 10 ( plus 1) arrows they look a better make 5 ( plus 1 Ghost touch) arrows they glow green 2 ( plus 1 bane) arrows blue this time 5 curative potions these will get used 2 lessor restoration potions I hope that doesn’t come up 1 detect undead scroll gonna need more than one 2 hide from undead once again… 1 protect from evil scroll yay

There was also a box with a scarab engraved on it. The Palantine Eye This contained Haunt Siphons and a Ouija Spirit board. why would we ever use that ever. Bad idea. C’mon.

After getting a few scrapes from some unfriendly bugs we got out of there and made it back to Kendra’s dwelling. Still hoping the Red Knight didn’t screw us over on the stealth part So. Bet you don’t know what happened next. Guess. Just try. Why am I writing that in the journal, not like I can see the look of surprise… whatever There was a body burning in the backyard. What… the… fuck. Upon closer inspection… it was…

So that man we buried the other day. Yeah. Yeah no. Guess he had some unfinished business. How…. No. Better question: Who. Who could do that… Anyway, seemed like we missed an interesting encounter. Kendra was certainly worse from it. Ze Zaren seemed alright, and the holy-man was pretty upset. I think it upset his morals… or code… whatever it is the priests have. Faith. That. The little girl also seemed a bit… off. But that’s nothing new

We divided out the equipment Keeping the important things away from The Red Knight and went to… to bed.

And that’s when I remember that I hate my life

That’s when things get weird messed up fucked up Fucked up. I entered my bedroom and… And there was bars on my window. Well, it was a little surprising but not very, I mean it was only a matter of time because I thought the villagers didn’t know I was a witch… But then I turned around. And I wasn’t in my room anymore.

I was in Harrowstone. I was in the fucking prison. I was there. Stuck. The door was locked. It was cold. So cold. I couldn’t get out. I don’t know what it was sca I can’t begin to I was trapped. In a cell. And that’s not even the worse part. not by a long shot I It

My name.

It He Something was writing my name… letter by letter…. above the bed frame.

Splatters spells her name just right

Of course, it was in blood. Of course I was frea I think I shouted something, looked out the window for anything… I remember breaking a plate in hopes that someone “downstairs” could hear it but I was in the prison they couldn’t hear anything So I did the next thing I could think of. the only thing I smeared the writing. I tried to stop it from spelling my name…

Then I woke up.

Yay Right? NO. Not yay. Not yay at all. There was blood all over my hands. All over the wall. Spells her name just right

Oh. I forgot to mention the house had been making some pretty weird thudding noises. Can’t tell where it’s coming from. Or what’s making them I It

I wasn’t handling things well at this point. My state of mind was… more than a little shaken. Anyway, I booked it out of the room and went down into the kitchen it’s still in the middle of the night, by the way and I got myself a glass of water. Tried to calm down. Sleeping. Ha. Not going to happen Holy ma Sevda came into the room around then, and worried cared helped me wash the blood off my hands and face when did it get there? Told me I should get some rest after I said where I-

So I went to sleep on the couch, Zaren slept by the door. I think he was sleeping on the couch before, nice of him to give it up. I mean, I was not going to be sleeping in that room any time soon. No. Way. In. Hell. I woke up again dreamed of fire to Zaren saying something in his sleep… Couldn’t understand. Different language. He also seemed shaken.

Things just keep looking up and up, right? I love this place Get me out of here

That morning the others went into town, and it was just me and the little girl left at Kendra’s. I made breakfast. More thudding noises. I hate those Decided since the sun was up that I should probably clean the blood off the wall before more questions are asked. The girl helped. Helped a lot Kept me calm

Remembered her “sister” still would like to know what the fuck wanted to be “called out” to be around Molli. Mentioned, and the sister appreciated it. Get the feeling I don’t want to be on her bad side

The others came back eventually and we set out for the prison. They mentioned seeing another letter on the statue. E I think it’s spelling the warden’s wife’s name. Thinking back to that song that song splatters spell her name just


Prison. Yay. Just where I wanted to be. I couldn’t see anything in the windows There was a statue of an odd angel. It’s spear was pointing east while it’s eyes were looking north I feel like the contradiction is noteworthy. And YES, I will write it down if I THINK it’s noteworthy. We thankfully decided to investigate a side house in front of the prison first. Belonging to the warden and his wife? Likely. It was pretty dilapidated… so we sent in The Red Knight bravely explored the structure. Not much of note.

After that we did a perimeter sweep. eyes in the walls Nothing worthy of note, besides a name engraved in the foundation. Lyvar Hawkran Over and over it was written. I believe these were the symbols Lorrimor was trying to investigate in his journal that the ghosts disturbed him from. Got it.

So… we made our way in.

There were… things there. Yes. This place is definitely haunted. They locked the doors. They lowered the temperature. They tried to burn us. Tried to hurt kill us.

I want to leave. I want to leave now.



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