//Update 9

August 1st

Screw updates.
400 for the Manticore
300 for deductions.
13,840 is your total

Reminder: Story book. Bonus stuff.


June 2nd

This is more of a note of things to pass. For this book I am going to be trying character advancement a touch differently. Rather than handing out bonus experience I am going to be giving out character advancements like traits, feats, magical items, things in that nature.
This is how it will go down:
When each of you gets four log posts up, you will all gain a trait.
If by the end of the book the total number of missed posts is no more than four, you will each gain a feat.
And i have a few ideas for other goodies along the way for role play rewards and such.
I will also begin a “feat score gauge”. This will work much like the trust score system from the previous book. Doing particular neat and heroic things will net you points, get enough points and you will earn a new feat. pending rule pending rule

New story method. In addition or separate from posts, I would like to begin a story telling game. After each session I would like that section of the story to be written by one of the characters. We will talk more about this come Wednesday, just thought I would let you know.

//Update. 6&7

May 25th

First and foremost I wanna thank and congratulate you guys for not only getting this far, but for not murdering me as a DM. This has been my first real experience and I hope it has been as fun for you guys as it has been for me.

The first adventure path has only just finished, but we still have so much more to do, so much lies in wait. We shall travel the unknown terrors together!

Since I forgot the last update like a champ, this update will catch us up on a few things. I should have updated the Wiki://Characters soon, also.

Final Trust Score: 26
-2 for staying 2 nights
-1 for The cracks appearing in town
+3 for Cleaning Harrowstone
+1 for General niceness towards the townsfolk

Experience to date

  • 400 for getting to 26 trust
  • 200 for Mosswater Murader
  • 105 for Screaming Skulls
  • 400 for the cursed items
  • 150 for the Giant Stirge
  • 105 for skeletons
  • 150 for stirges
  • 200 for more stirge fun
  • 300 for the Piper
  • 100 for Whispering Way research
  • 100 for Lopper Research
  • 100 for Father Charlatan research
  • 100 for Crawling hands
  • 300 for the Mourning Maiden
  • 600 for Splatter Man Haunt
  • 600 for Splatter Man Ghost

Bonus because bonus

  • 200 for your Role playing. Particularly amused me this time around, have to say.
  • 500 for posts and because I was late

I do believe your experience should now be at 13,140

Other bonus related stuffs
For completing the First Adventure path, you are all awarded a draw from the Harrow Deck.
And Molli gets an extra draw for her rather impressive trick shots and near self sacrifice to keep the Splatter Man busy. If it was not for Nanya, boy I tell ya, he would have potentially torn a few of you a new one.
Also, for returning the badge to Vesorianna, you all are awarded, “The Uprising” card. This card grants you all a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls for one battle, unless of course you are outnumbers, in which case it grants you all a +2. You all must agree to use this card.

Final DM notes:
I have enjoyed this game a lot, it really is the highlight of my bi-Wednesdays, and I look forward to this time the moment each session ends till the next one begins.
I do feel, though, that my performance was a little more lackluster in this past session.

See you all in Lepistadt.

//Update. 6 5

April 23rd

Does not quite feel like it has been as long as the last update says, man. Has it really been a month?
Some pretty big encounters this session, eh? Ah I am just kidding, those were actually pretty easy compared to what else is down on this level.

Trust score! Your current Trust score is 26

  • -1 from Mollys beautiful commentary about her sister to one of the towns head officials.
  • +3 for putting out all of the fires
  • and +1 for saving and directing the crowd. Good job.
    You guys are now elegable for quite a few things now that your trust score is 26.

Oh but wait, it is night time, once morning hits you will be back at 25. Never mind.


  • 300 for Gurtis Vortch
  • 400 for The Lopper
  • 100 for the two Burning Heads


  • 200 for putting the fire competely out
  • 100 for saving and directing the crowd
  • and 350 for posts and some good entertainment for me.

Extra awards:
I grant Zaren one pull from the Harrow deck for his rather impressive capture and destroy of The Lopper via Haunt Siphon.

More stuff!
I formally and humbily request that when you guys level up, please do it before the next game, and especially before the time we are meant to begin. The day before at least would be good.

This also holds true for posts, as well.



Saturday March 17th

Why does it feel like I was just here…

We have come full circle! I see the pattern has set itself!

Last session, I have to say, was especially fun for me. Not only dd a lot get done, but you guys managed to do pretty well in the encounter I made up. Jolly good work, team!

Break it down!

Your current Trust score is 23

  • -1 for staying in town


  • 200 for Animated Straight jacket
  • 300 for successfully talking to Vesorianna
  • 150 for the ever so much fun Poltergeist. He looks forward to your next encounter…Red Knight…
  • 200 points for each other.
  • 180 for the Ectoplasmic humans
  • 200 for the Skeletons

Bonus Experience

  • 100 for the ring
  • 500 for posts
  • 200 for role playing
    Total: 2,030
    Your total EXP should now be 6,930

Extra DM input:
I came to the conclusion that the posts are not a mandatory requirement, but they are fun and enjoyable. So to even think about deducting exp from you guys for them being last minute is just dumb.

Keep your eyes to the North…

Dear friends:
Next Wednesday that we game, I work until 6. Mind starting a bit later…6:30, say?

This is acceptable. Travis


Fucking Tuesday, March 13th

Going by my routine updates, I should have next games update a week or so after the next next game…

I digress.

It was a fun round. Got a fair amount done, albeit the zombies took a little longer than expected…

Your current Trust score is 24

  • +2 for the zombies in town and helping out how you did. (saving people and shit)


  • 450 for zombies
  • 100 for Animated Manacles
  • 150 for the Haunted Branding Irons
  • 150 for Spiders

Bonus EXP

  • 500 for your posts
  • 100 for the Special Tombstone (You have to stop running into these things, Lectus)
  • 100 for saved townsfolk
  • 200 for roleplay
  • I was going to deduct some for the last minute Updates. I like to read those for the next session prep. But I will wave this because of how late this update was.
    Total: 1,750
    Your total EXP should now be 4,900


Monday, Feb 20th Wednesday Feb 22nd

Alright. It is now Monday (er, Wednesday), which means I suck. Ah well, update time.

You guys did well last session, what with not dying in all. I would say a day well spent.

I have found much more useful information about haunts that we will apply by next game. For the last game, everything went fine save for the Ember Maw encounter. Let us just say that Sevdas positive energy defeated it, and you never used the arrow.

As such, You can have your arrow back, Sevda.


I am risking beating hunted down and beaten for sharing this information, but it should be good so long as you lot do not speak of it to anyone ever. Especially Ashley Innet.

See, Tim is proposing to her next wednesday at pretty much exactly the time of our game. And I want to be there to help out with the event they are all planning.
So, I have a few ideas. One is that we have the game this upcoming Wednesday to not loose a game, we skip next wednesday, we meet much earlier, and possibly after, or we find a different day of the week. Thoughts?
Let me know.

We will begin our game Wednesday at 1pm.

Your current Trust is 22

  • -1 for staying in town


  • 200 for Giant Centipedes
  • 150 for flaming skulls
  • 50 for Mr Zombiemore
  • 100 for the slamming portal
  • 200 for the Ember Maw
  • 200 for the Cold Spot

Bonus Experience
200 exp for roleplaying goodness
500 exp for last sessions awesome posts and other stuff I forgot about.
Total: 1,600
Your total experience should now be, 3,150

Shit the DM forgot or did wrong
I messed up on a few things that need input modification.
1. Kendra, when you searched the Crypt you noticed a few larger cracks in the walls. Large enough for, say, giant Centipedes to crawl in and out of.
(Hmm, giant centipedes. I wonder what that could possibly mean… XD
2. The statue that you saw outside of Harrowstone is pointing east, and looking north


Sunday, Feb 5th

Updated front page
Updated Kendra Lorrimor character page
New forum!

I will do routine updates on the campaign and related information on Saturdays. While it is Sunday now, you all can look forward to waking up Saturday afternoons from here on out knowing that Travis has still probably not gotten it done but will sometime during that day.

The need to know!

You all did very well for the (my) first session. I am quite pleased. The characters you all made are colorful, expressive, and enjoyable. I am very much looking forward to future games, really seeing how they all adapt and flow along.

Here is a summary on the Trust and experience thus far:
Your current Trust is 23

  • +1 for a well done funeral.
  • +1 for being friendly with the locals.
  • +1 for being friendly with the children of the skipping song.
  • -1 for staying in town for a night.


  • 1000 for research (in 50, 100 and 200 sums)
  • 100 for connecting the song to the prisoners.
  • 150 for the commoner mob

Bonus Experience
Here I will give out various awards to you, the players, for what I see as an exceptional job.
For awesome roll-play, I award you all 200 exp.
For really diving into town, and forcing me to create new NPCs, I also grant you with 100 more.
Your total experience should now be, 1,550

Until next time, comrades. See you in the crypt.

To begin the Harrowstone journey we will all need to create characters. No special rules here, all Pathfinder options are open to you, along with anything you find from 3.5 (just hit me up with what you find so we can get it transferred over)

As for stat rolling, roll 4 rows re-rolling all 1’s.

Please refer to
for more information.

We will be applying the “Traits” in this game, so please choose two. (the traits in the above link will provide you with good background opportunities for how you knew Petros.

“Characters are assumed to be Pathfinder characters, capable of standing against the terrors they encounter rather than fleeing at the sight of the first ghoul or ghost.” We will be dealing with a lot of creepy in this this game, so make sure your character is not one that would just say “FUCK IT” and leave.

As you may have surmised this campaign is a little (okay quite a bit) more morbid and terror inspired than most. Every encounter will test your will and resolve as you are forced against ghosts, haunts, zombies and all manners of undead.

Also, when creating your characters please include into your backstory how you know one Professor Petros Lorrimor. Whether it be old friend, school buddy, ally, etc. This guy is important, and you are his only friends.

The days we will play will be ever other Wednesday evenings opposite of Tonys game (pending) Around 5pm (pending). So long as this works out, we are golden. First game is scheduled to be run on the 1st of February.

Building trust in Ravengro.
In “The Haunting of Harrowstone” the PC’s spend quite a bit of time in the town of Ravengro. Unfortunately, as strangers to the town during a particularily bad time, they aren’t initially trusted/ Yet, as the days roll by, they are faced with numerous opportunities to build upon the town’s trust and, eventually, become well liked by the citizens, earing dicounts on purchases, free room and board, or even perhaps even greater rewards for their good deeds.

Ravengro’s overall trust in the PC’s is expressed by a numerical value-a trust score. This score is shared by the entire party-acts of individual members can affect this total just as surely as acts the entire group takes part in. When the adventure begins the PC’s have a trust score of 20. They can raise their trust score by doing good deeds, respecting the townsfolk, or completing quests.

The Haunting of Harrowstone

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